Monday, December 30, 2019

Well, as a lot of us have found we had an un-expected Christmas gift from the team @ BigCommerce this year.

Their email states:

BigCommerce strives to deliver the ecommerce industry’s best combination of capabilities, performance, usability, and flexibility to each of our customers and for each one of our plan options. We also place a high strategic priority on the value of each of our plans, defined as what our plans deliver relative to what they cost.

On January 31, 2020, we are making a change to our Pro plan pricing. Your BigCommerce Pro plan will increase in price by $50 per month. The new price will be reflected on your next billing date. This is the first price increase since 2016 for Pro Plan merchants and we do not anticipate any further price increases in the near future. We have invested heavily in the Pro features over the past four years, and we believe it offers significantly better capabilities, performance, usability and flexibility than our competitors’ comparable plans. The new introductory Pro price of $299.95/month brings us to parity with our closest competition.

We strive to deliver the best value on the market, and our planned enhancements for 2020 will further improve our Pro offering. In 2019, product releases included our mobile app for iOS and Android, multi-currency capabilities, and technical improvements to deliver faster, more personalized, and more secure shopping experiences. In 2020, we will bring you major innovations in visual store design, data analytics, personalization, and advanced capabilities for international selling.

I hope that you’ve benefited from some of our recent Pro enhancements, and I know that we have to earn your business every day. We remain committed to doing just that.

Now, for me I have these issues:

The notice was a very short one - the plan that Shopify offer does not cost you more when your turnover goes up. Working out the differences from the Shopify and BigCommerce plans - you will be saving money moving to Shopify due to the decrease in credit card processing fees.

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